Beach Village

Made up of more than 300 businesses, the Beach Village BIA is located on Queen St. E between Lockwood Rd. and Neville Park Blvd.

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Gerrard Indian Bazaar

The Gerrard Indian Bazaar BIA consists of more than 125 Indian, Sri Lankan, & Pakistani restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, & clothing stores.

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The Riverside BIA consists of more than 100 eateries, shops, and attractions on 10 blocks of Queen St. E.

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Broadview Danforth

Located on one of the busiest sections of Danforth St., the Broadview Danforth BIA is home to more than 350 retailers in fashion, eco-friendly living, organic foods, gifts, and diners.

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St. Lawrence Market

Located in the heart of Old York, The St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood BIA consists of many thriving businesses, old and new.

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