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Biomedical Zone, St. Michael's Hospital

Beach Village

Made up of more than 300 businesses, the Beach Village BIA is located on Queen St. E between Lockwood Rd. and Neville Park Blvd.

Gerrard Indian Bazaar

The Gerrard Indian Bazaar BIA consists of more than 125 Indian, Sri Lankan, & Pakistani restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, & clothing stores.


The Riverside BIA consists of more than 100 eateries, shops, and attractions on 10 blocks of Queen St. E.

Broadview Danforth

Located on one of the busiest sections of Danforth St., the Broadview Danforth BIA is home to more than 350 retailers in fashion, eco-friendly living, organic foods, gifts, and diners.

St. Lawrence Market

Located in the heart of Old York, The St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood BIA consists of many thriving businesses, old and new.