3 Major Steps Your Business Can Take To Prevent A COVID-19 Outbreak?

We are experiencing a sudden rise in COVID-19 outbreaks with the onset of cooler temperatures, relaxation of rules, and the reopening of business and schools. We are headed for another peak and businesses are increasingly reporting COVID-19 cases within their staff. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here is what you can do prevents a COVID-19 breakout at your business:

Emergency point of contact

If one of your employees gets covid-19, you need to act fast. By selecting a workplace coordinator or a business ambassador who manages all of your business’s COVID-19 issues, you can manage the spread to others and prevent a longer business shut down.

The coordinator serves as an escalation point to address any concerns and relays information quickly to other employees:

  • They can provide health and safety training to staff

  • Create and manage a rotating schedule for employees to work in the business or physical office

  • Create policies to ensure all staffs are adhering to physical distancing

  • Stagger lunch times, and shift start and end times to reduce congestion

  • Post accessible signage to discourage employees/ who are ill from entering the business

  • Require that employees stay at home if ill with symptoms of COVID-19 until criteria to discontinue isolation

Safety Guidelines

  • Install multiple hand sanitizers in various locations

  • Install signage on the floor, seating spaces and on walls to encourage physical distancing

  • Set-up business with physical distancing guidelines of 2m distancing

  • Create separate entrance and exits to control flow of traffic

  • Redesign seating to ensure safety protocols

  • Restrict occupant capacity of indoor spaces to reduce crowding


  • Create a COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire for customers

  • Adjust personal/sick leave policies to enable employees to stay home when ill, undergoing COVID-19 testing, in quarantine (self-isolation), or if they are taking care of children or someone who is ill

  • Post accessible signage to discourage clients who are ill from entering the business location

  • If feasible, consider asking clients if they are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 before they enter the business location or when making appointments, and ask clients who are ill to not attend the workplace/business

More details on how to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace can be found here

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